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How A Plant-Based Diet Changed This Lupus Warrior's Life

Yesterday, I met with a new member of the Flare Free Cooking Academy via Zoom to learn more about what she's looking to get out of her membership and where her autoimmune condition has taken her over the years.

It was an inspirational and eye-opening conversation that inspired me to share an incredible discussion I had with a Lupus Warrior last year on Instagram for anyone who may still be struggling to believe that food is medicine and changing your diet can change your life.

After years of decline despite being on IV Lupus medication, Keziah decided to take control of her condition by embracing a plant-based diet shortly after hitting rock bottom (suffering a stroke in her 20s) and she had great success.

Learn about her journey using food as medicine here:

Want to learn more about that inspirational and eye-opening 1:1 consultation I had with the newest VIP member of the Flare Free Cooking Academy who's already noticing a difference in her health after just 1 1/2 weeks of eating Flare Free?

Check it out here:

Are you struggling with debilitating symptoms of your autoimmune condition?

Would you like to start using anti-inflammatory food as part of your healing protocol?

If so, join me for my Live Mini Training next Thursday that will teach you:

-The main tenets of eating anti-inflammatory (this is not a plant based diet but all of my recipes are dairy free and include instructions to make them vegan)

-How to make your favorite foods Flare Free

-Which foods are inflammatory and which are anti-inflammatory

-Common 1:1 substitutions you can use to make your food taste like the real deal

✨️ You'll receive a complimentary 2 week snack meal plan for joining us live! ✨️

(A replay will be sent to anyone who can't make it live)

CLICK HERE to learn more and to RSVP!




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