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Use anti-inflammatory food as medicine consistently with ease long enough to lessen the inflammation, decrease the symptoms of autoimmunity + improve the quality of your life!

Are you stuck on the rollercoaster ride of food-driven autoimmune flare-ups because...

You don't have the time, energy, skills, or motivation to cook anti-inflammatory meals at home 3 times a day, every day?


It's time to get your old self back + live the life you deserve


Your symptoms making it hard to keep up with the ordinary demands of everyday life

Being in constant fear of disease progression + lacking hope for the future

Being consumed by your never ending health issues

Being worried you won't see your kids walk down the aisle or be there to take care of your parents as they age

Isolating because your the only one in your friend group struggling with constant pain + embarrassing health issues

Feeling depressed around meal times because everything you eat either causes an allergic reaction or a flare


Being well enough to start saying yes to activities you used to enjoy

Confident that your health will continue to improve the longer you stay consistent

Having the mental and emotional capacity to do the things you love

Knowing you will live a long, healthy, vibrant, pain-free life to the fullest with the ones you care about the most

Getting active in your community again and finding joy in sharing life with others

Finding joy and pleasure in eating again


The truth is, autoimmunity isn't just chipping away at your physical health. It's chipping away at your mental and emotional health as well.

Ready to eat Flare Free consistently, long enough to get the old you back?!

Join the Flare Free Meal Prep Solution! My 6-week, self-paced meal prep course that will teach you, step-by-step, how to use anti-inflammatory food as medicine consistently, with ease, long enough to lessen inflammation, decrease the symptoms of autoimmunity, and improve the quality of your life!

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Includes an accountability system with prizes to incentivize you to actually show up for yourself to do the work that's required to transform your life!

Be the reason these statistics change. Change your life; change the world. 



In 2015, I was the executive chef of a non-profit that delivered organic healing meals to cancer patients every week. But I was secretly struggling with my own chronic inflammation that caused constant debilitating pain in my elbows and wrists.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication, and told there was nothing else doctors could do for me. That I needed to just go home and take my medication.

Armed with education from some of the leading scientists and doctors in integrative oncology and cancer research, on how to reverse cancer and other chronic inflammation related conditions naturally through diet and lifestyle, I decided to take healing into my own hands by cooking the same meals I was preparing for cancer patients at work, for my family at home. 

And within 3 months, the joint pain, migraines and eczema I had suffered with for years, went away.

But my healing journey wasn't a linear one - it had many twists and turns along the way. After years of working as a full-time private chef for a country music artist, I was BURNT OUT, chronically inflamed, and struggling with 24/7 pain in my feet that made it very difficult for me to do my job.

I had stools all over the kitchen because standing for 12 hours a day was impossible. The constant daily stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and toxic mold exposure I experienced as a result of the job, nearly crippled me. 

Desperate to get my old life back, I left that job.

I was eager to cook again for my own family and get back to eating Flare Free 90-95% of the time, but unable to spend hours and hours cooking in the kitchen. So I started cooking on sheet trays in the broiler. 

Fast forward years later, I learned my online students were struggling to follow the weeknight dinner recipes they were paying for. So I developed this self-paced meal prep course to teach them my Broiler Sheet Tray Method of cooking and the same quick, easy, and stress-free meal prep method I use for my Personal Holistic Chef clients every week.

I've helped hundreds of autoimmune warriors like you use Flare Free food as medicine through my personal holistic chef services and online education over the years and this is what I know to be true:

You deserve to get everything you want out of life despite having an autoimmune disease.


And having a chronic illness DOESN'T mean you have to suffer chronically.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to change your destiny. You just need the tools, resources, guidance and support from someone who's been where you've been and is where you want to be.

Let me be that person for you.

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“Eating Flare Free has helped me more than the infusions I have to get for Crohn’s! Less digestive issues and no more bloating!! No more pain from eating is the best!”



Healing autoimmunity MORE
by cooking less

Stock your fridge with 20 beautiful + delicious anti-inflammatory meals in 3 hours or less so you can lessen the symptoms of autoimmunity with ease!

(1 hour of prep time + 2 hours of cook time on average per week)

Learn step-by-step, exactly how to cook breakfast, lunch, two dinners and dessert (that's 20 meals total) every week, for 6 weeks straight, so you can:

✓ Wake up knowing each breakfast, lunch + dinner you eat that day will help nourish your immune system and lessen chronic inflammation

✓ Indulge in a beautiful and comforting anti-inflammatory healing meal to within minutes any time hunger strikes no matter how busy you are

✓ Sit down for a delicious, nourishing, home cooked meal at work without leaving the office or spending a dime on takeout

✓ Spend extra time and energy on expanding your healing journey because you're not slaving away in the kitchen all day every day

✓ Indulge in a beautiful, comforting, satisfying anti-inflammatory dessert any time a sweet tooth pops up (no more guilt, shame and self-sabotaging with inflammatory sweets!)

✓ Eliminate the frustration of having to ask, "What do you want to eat?" every single day

✓ Spend money doing the things you love with the people you love because you're not spending hundreds on takeout every month

✓ Make better choices when you do eat out because you don't want to ruin the healing trajectory you are on


NOTE: This is a self-paced course. YOU get to choose how many meals to make each week! Each cooking video includes time stamps so you can skip forward to whichever recipes you want to make that week. So if you're time-poor, you can cook smaller portions of fewer recipes and get it done in even less time!


"For the first time in 49 years, it finally feels right in the kitchen.”

-Stephanie E.



I´m so glad you asked! Let´s break it down...

This is a self-paced virtual meal prep course that will teach you step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to stock your fridge with breakfast, lunch, 2 dinners, and dessert every week for 6 weeks straight! No cooking skills are required. This course is designed to accommodate cooks of all levels and will teach you how to cook by feeling - utilizing all of your senses - so you don't have to slow down to look at a recipe.


It includes a bonus set of 6 weeks of recipes and 12 weeks of meal alterations so you can go back and cook weeks 1-12 in a new way and use food as medicine as long as you need to feel better! There's even an accountability system with prizes to incentivize you to actually show up for yourself and put in the work that's required to get your old self back!

Module 01.

Welcome Onboarding

This is the place to start to learn how the program works and what you need to do to prepare for your 6 weeks of meal prepping!

Topics that will be covered:

How to Navigate the Course

How to Get the Most out of the Course

Pre-Work vs. Prep Work + Must-Do Time Saving Meal Prep Tasks

Knife Skills

How to Order Groceries on Instacart + Imperfect Foods






Feeling better than you have in years + having the time, energy and motivation to do things you haven't been able to do since before your diagnosis SIMPLY by cooking once and eating for days!

What makes The Flare Free Meal Prep Solution unique?

Delicious, attainable, change that lasts


You will learn my proven, time-saving 5-part meal prep system, classic cooking techniques, culinary tips and tricks, my simple, easy-to-execute, Broiler Sheet Tray method of cooking, and the healing properties of the anti-inflammatory ingredients we use.


Having to stop to read recipes while cooking slows you down tremendously. In this course, you will learn, step-by-step, how to cook by feeling - utilizing all of your senses - so you can cook as quickly as humanly possible and learn to cook without a recipe (a life skill every good home cook needs)!


It's one thing to want to use food as medicine consistently enough to lessen the symptoms of your condition + improve the quality of your life.

And it's another to actually do it.

Between the increased pace of life and daily wavering symptoms of your condition, you can find 101 reasons to not meal prep at any given moment as an autoimmune warrior.

That's why I have a built-in accountability system inside the course, including a mindset training on "How to Hold Yourself Accountable" and free prizes to incentivize you to actually show up for yourself ever week for 6 weeks in a row.


"Flare Free" means gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, soy, peanut-free AND anti-inflammatory comfort food you can use as part of your autoimmune healing protocol. 

As a chef, I know exactly what it feels like to LOVE good food. To want to prepare beautiful, craveable meals that satisfy your culinary desires. 

That's why this course will teach you how to make a wide variety of beautiful, delectable, comforting meals the whole family will love. 

NOT white rice, seamed broccoli and poached chicken.


Food you love, prepared in a way that loves you back!

No more sacrificing your favorite foods in the name of health.

Gone are the days of sabotaging your autoimmune healing journey for the sake of a good comforting plate of food.

Hello delicious, attainable and sustainable healing that lasts!



This is a self-paced course. YOU get to choose exactly how many meals you make every time you cook.


Many of my students who are just cooking for 1-2 people, only cook a half batch of a few recipes each week.


(Every recipe serves 4 except the Crock Pot Meals which serve 6-8.)


Each weekly cooking video includes time stamps so you can fast forward to whichever dish you decide to make that week.

If you don't eat something included in a recipe, take a peek at that week's menu variations and make a substitution! The most important thing is that you are cooking the meals you think you and your family would like best, and making them taste exactly how you want them to taste.

Each weekly module inside the course includes cook time and grocery estimates so you can bounce around through the course and cook whichever weeks fit your schedule and budget at that time. 

The course includes an additional 6 weeks of recipes and 12 weeks of meal variations. So you could meal prep for a total of 24 weeks if you need to.

The course includes virtual trainings on "How to Edit the Weekly Recipes to Fit Your Complex Dietary Needs" and "How to Cook if You're not a 'Leftovers Person' and Prefer to Cook Your Meals Fresh to Order".

As well as a Master Substitutions Guide PDF so you can make your meals Alpha-Gal Safe, blood sugar stable, grain-free, nightshade-free, nut-free, and vegan.


(All meals are dairy free so if you don't eat meat, the meals will automatically be vegan with the substitution guide.) 

I understand we all have various schedules, food preferences, food allergies, food sensitivities, and compounding diagnoses. 

The course works hard to address all of this. And if you need additional support, you have daily access to me inside our private group!



What will you learn in the course?

My Broiler Sheet Tray Method of Cooking

How to Cook Flare Free

The Healing Properties of Food

Ingredient Education

Superior Organizational Skills

How to Shop Flare Free

How to Package + Reheat Your Meals Like a Pro

How to Become Your Own Accountability Partner