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4 Things I'd Do Differently if I Could Start My Healing Journey Today

I've learned a lot about myself, healing yourself naturally and autoimmunity since 2015.

Though changing my diet and lessening my exposure to toxins catapulted my healing years ago, there are things I would do differently today if I could.

Growing bodies of research are examining various factors that contribute to the onset of autoimmunity and thanks to my long, windy, non-linear healing journey, I've learned there's a lot more to healing autoimmunity than just eating well and using non-toxic home and body products.

If I could go back in time, I would:

  1. STOP DRINKING BEER (I had no idea it was full of gluten lolol) - "In certain nonceliac autoimmune diseases, gluten-free diets may help curtail the adverse effects of gluten."

  2. ADDRESS TRAUMA - "Childhood traumatic stress increased the likelihood of hospitalization with a diagnosed autoimmune disease decades into adulthood."

  3. DECREASE STRESS - "Science shows that three types of stress — whether ongoing daily stressors of modern life, a major stressful event, or emotional trauma from childhood — are deeply connected to the advent and perpetuation of autoimmune disorders, even decades later."

  4. SLEEP MORE - "A bidirectional relationship appears to exist between sleep and circadian disturbances with autoimmune disease."

I share this with you because if you've just started your autoimmune journey, or hit a plateau in your healing, you may want to try some of these approaches as well!

Read through the resources below to learn more and let me know in the comments below - how many of these healing modalities have you tried so far?



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Excellent! I have found that meditation reduces stress also.

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