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Flare Free Holiday


Learn the easiest way to prep 12 anti-inflammatory healing meals in 2 hours so you can use food as medicine consistently with ease through the busiest time of year!

November 15th - 20th 2023

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All recipes are gluten/dairy/sugar/corn/soy/peanut free + can be made plant based.

2023 Holiday Meal Prep Challenge
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You'll get a free copy of my Holiday Meal Prep Packet which includes 3 delicious quick-cooking fall recipes with pictures, equipment lists and a prep list so you're fully prepared to meal prep live with us on Sunday, November 19th via Zoom!

(Instructions on how to make each dish plant-based included.)

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Hi There, I'm Laura!

In 2015, I reversed a handful of diet and lifestyle related conditions by embracing an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. But I wasn't willing to sacrifice my career and passion for food along the way. So I developed a way to make delicious, high-quality, comforting meals without the inflammatory ingredients. Since, I've helped hundreds of autoimmune warriors stock their fridges with thousands of anti-inflammatory healing meals via my personal holistic chef services and virtual meal prep instruction. Because using anti-inflammatory healing meals as medicine can help you manage the symptoms of your condition and improve the quality of your life. It worked for me and it's worked for hundreds of my clients. Now it's time to see if it'll work for you too.
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