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My Stress Management Journey

I loved sitting down to talk about all things food as medicine, the spoonie mentality and healing from within with functional medicine nurse practitioner, Margaret Romero on Instagram last night!

We talked about how food is just one part of the healing journey and how everyone is different and that what works for me may not work for you.

She mentioned that it takes some of her clients a whole year to heal their gut because it takes a lot of consistency, flexibility, grit and determination to heal from within.

There's so much that goes into healing the gut, lessening inflammation and taking control of your autoimmune condition.

Like stress for example.

It will literally tear holes in the gut lining. So you can take all the supplements, eat all the anti-inflammatory foods, manage your sleep, DO ALL THE THINGS!

But if you don't manage your stress, you won't heal your gut.

And if you don't heal your gut you won't heal anything else.

Hear about everything we talked about including my stress management journey in the replay of our conversation at the link below!


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