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Flare Free "Sprinkles" Recipe

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Flare Free "Sprinkles" are an even mix of chia, hemp and ground flax seeds.

I put them in a jar and shake them until they're all combined then keep it on the kitchen table with the salt and pepper so we can sprinkle a little on everything we eat to add extra protein, fiber, minerals and Omega 3s.

A simple way to make sure I'm working towards lessening inflammation with every bite at home.

We sprinkle them on top of eggs, almond butter toast, yogurt, soup, stews, stir fry, roasted veggies...

Pretty much everything!

They don't taste like anything to me but if you'd consider yourself a "picky" eater, then try them on top of something rich like a soup or a stew first!

Want to see a quick video on how I make them?

Want to learn more about the health benefits of chia, hemp and flax seeds?

Click the links below!

Happy cooking!!




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