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Buy This; Not That (Part 1)



Both mayos have industrially refined oils listed as the main ingredient BUT...

Soy Free Vegenaise DOESN'T contain these inflammation promoting ingredients:

1.) Cheap factory farmed eggs

2.) Refined Sugar

3.) Natural Flavors ("which are a far cry from what consumers might expect, as they can contain both artificial and synthetic chemicals")¹

4.) Calcium Disodium EDTA (a man made "cytotoxic and weakly genotoxic"² chelating agent)

It also contains apple cider vinegar which contains "natural probiotics which may help with your immune system and gut health" as well as "antioxidants that can prevent damage to your body's cells."³

Plus, it's made from certified Non-GMO ingredients.

Want to know what makes industrially refined oils, factory farmed eggs and sugar inflammatory?!

Or do you need help finding these ingredients at the grocery store?!

Check out my Flare Free Pantry Makeover Mini Course which teaches you why certain foods are inflammatory and gives you step-by-step guidance for which anti-inflammatory ingredients to buy instead including brand suggestions and tips for where to find them!

Comment below if you want to see a Part 2 of this new ingredient education series!!







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