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Flare Free Meal Prep Solution

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Lessen inflammation, decrease the symptoms of your condition and improve the quality of your life simply by following my step-by-step meal prep instruction that will help you stock your fridge with 16-20 anti-inflammatory healing meals to eat throughout the week. Using food as medicine consistently long enough to overcome autoimmunity has never been easier!! The average weekly commitment is 3 hours. I've done all of the planning for you so you can spend less time cooking and more time healing. Course Includes: -Mindset work to help you become your own accountability partner -6 weeks of bonus recipes + accountability prompts to help hold yourself accountable -9 crock pot meals for larger families + folks who want to prep 2 dinners each week -Variations for each meal so you never get bored -Reheating instructions for each meal -Grocery estimates for each week so you can budge accordingly -Active cook-time estimates for each week so you can plan accordingly -Meal prep checklists -"How to Shop Flare Free" PDF -Master Substitutions List for folks who need to make their meals Alpha-Gal Safe, blood sugar stable, grain-free, nightshade-free, nut-free and/or vegan -A reward system with free prizes to keep you on track

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