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Enter the code "100SOLUTION" for $100 off Early

Discounted Enrollment into The Meal Prep Solution!

(Coupon expires 11/7/23)


Be one of the first 10 to sign up before 11/4 and

snag these premium sign-on bonuses:

meal prep solution sign on bonuses (1).png

Note: These bonuses go into effect on 11/4 when the program starts. They're designed to hold you accountable so you take action and complete all 6 weeks of meal prep instruction!

Coaching Call Topics:

1.) Common Mistakes I See Autoimmune Warriors

Make in My Meal Prep Program

2.) Your Disease Doesn't Take a Day Off: Tips for Staying Consistent When You Run out of Prepped Meals

3.) Live Group Q + A

How the Grocery Orders Work:

I will order groceries to be delivered to your home on the date and time that works best for you (I recommend the day prior to your Meal Prep Day) via Instacart.

I will select the most affordable, best-tasting Flare Free products at the most affordable store in your area that has everything you need for your recipes available at the time of shopping.

I recommend having an Instacart account that I can log into to order your groceries so you can handle any refunds/exchanges needed with your order upon delivery.

If you don't have an Instacart account, no worries! I will send you a receipt and a Venmo request for reimbursement for the groceries.


(Note: I will not be able to handle any refunds/exchanges if I'm ordering your groceries through my Instacart account.)


Reimbursement is due the day you receive your groceries.


A $25 fee will apply each day you are late.

Want to join Instacart?: Get $10 off your first order with Instacart with the code: LA37498135


Email me here or DM me on Instagram!



Click HERE to enroll today!

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