What's Included in the March Meal Plan + How to Use it

Updated: Mar 11

Hi there!

Do you love to cook at home but often run out of fresh, fun ideas of what to make? Or maybe you've been interested in cooking Flare Free at home but don't know where to start?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, my monthly meal plans would be a great support tool for you!


-This month's meal plan theme is "Festive Spring Dinners"

-It includes 8 different chef curated meals + 19 different recipes

-Features 48 different anti-inflammatory ingredients (the average American only eats 14 different foods over the course of a year*)

-Each recipe serves 4

-Every recipe can be made vegan and has tips for how to do so



-2 weekly shopping lists

-2 Sunday prep lists

-daily prep lists

-a weekly overview of the 2 week menu that you can stick on the fridge for reference


-The March meal plan also includes a blank two week meal plan that you can fill in with your favorites from past meal plans (all active members of the Flare Free Cooking Academy (FFCA) have access to all previous meal plans in the Facebook support group!)

Meal plans are emailed to all members of the Flare Free Cooking Academy on the 1st of the month and are super easy to use.


1.) Print the meal plan and the Two Week Refrigerator Menu

2.) Hang up the Two Week Menu on your fridge and staple your meal plan

3.) Flip to the grocery list (located at the back of the packet) and cross off any ingredients you have on hand already for Week 1

4.) Order groceries or go shopping for Week 1

5.) Prep according to the Sunday Prep List (optional)

6.) Cook (starting with whatever is listed on your daily prep list for each recipe if you prepped according to my suggestions for Sunday)

7.) Repeat the process for Week 2


Alternatively, you can shop for the recipes you want to try most instead of shopping for the whole week of recipes.

You can skip Sunday prep and just cook each recipe from start to finish during the week (most recipes take under an hour to execute)


You can batch cook everything on Sunday and stock your fridge with ready-to-eat meals for the week.

Want to see a snapshot of March Meal Plan Menu? Comment "Menu" below + I'll send you the link!

Want to learn what makes my meal plans unique? Skip to minute 5 of this video!

If you have any questions, reach out!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a FFCA member so you can get this meal plan delivered straight to your inbox, click here.




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