All About the June Meal Plan + Links to Specialty Ingredients

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I'm so excited summer is finally here! Time to garden, spend hours outside, travel and eat new foods! I'm extra excited to share the June Meal Plan with you because it is so simple, festive and delicious. But it's different in a number of ways from past meal plans so I wanted to break that all down for you! The June Meal Plan is different because:

  1. The recipes are quick cooking (similar to the one pot meals in the February Meal Plan). Most of these recipes do not include sides, but I have noted at the bottom of each, recipes you can pull from past meal plans to pair with each dish if you have extra time and love a good side dish. NOTE: All Flare Free Cooking Academy Members can access past meal plans in the "Files" tab in the Facebook support group!

  2. No special cooking equipment is required to execute the plan! All you need is a: -cutting board and a knife -pots and pans -wooden spoon -baking sheet -mason jar -blender -mixing bowl -garlic press (optional)

  3. There are only 8 "specialty" ingredients in these recipes and many folks may already be familiar with most of them! -plain unsweetened vegan yogurt (Cocojune is my favorite) -vegan butter (Miyoko's is my favorite - substitute grass-fed ghee) -shredded vegan cheese (Violife, Follow Your Heart, Daiya, etc.) -unsweetened almond milk (any generic brand in a paper carton is best) -avocado oil -coconut aminos -fish sauce -hemp seeds

  4. The grocery list is color coordinated by recipe so you can shop one recipe at a time instead of for a whole week's of recipes.

  5. A bonus "Mini Dad's Day" meal plan will be included for days when you're busy, sick or out of town and need your partner to do the shopping and cooking. This plan is geared towards Dads only because it's Father's Day. Anyone can use it. All the recipes are super family friendly just like the Sample One Week Meal Plan I have available for you.

  6. You don't have to be a Flare Free Cooking Academy Member to access it! Click here to see what's on the June Meal Plan Menu + if you like what you see, you can purchase it al a carte or sign up for the Flare Free Cooking Academy to get the Mini Dad's Day meal plan as well as access to the Facebook support group!

If you'd like to read through the full June "Simple Summer Suppers" Meal Plan menu, comment "Menu" below!

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