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How to Read My Recipes + Additional Things You'll Need to Know to Execute the February Meal Plan

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1.) Ingredients are listed in the order of what gets cooked first. So I recommend going through the ingredient list and mis en placing (get everything organized) before you ever start cooking. For example, if the recipe calls for "2 carrots, grated" for the salad, grate your carrots and set them near the rest of the salad ingredients before you ever start cooking.

I like to gather all of the ingredients I need for the recipe, chop all of my veggies, measure all of my ingredients, then handle meat/seafood (as it will contaminate your chopping block, requiring you to clean that before you can move on to the next task) THEN cook.

2.) Salt and pepper is always at the end of the ingredient list but that doesn't mean you only use it for that component of the dish. You will need to use salt and pepper throughout the entire dish. Season in layers, as directed in the instructions.

3.) c=cup; t=teaspoon; T=tablespoon

4.) ~ before an ingredient indicates an approximate measurement - please start with the minimum amount then taste and add more to your liking. You can always add more but if you overdo it and add too much, you'd have to dilute the dish to balance it out. Set up a 1:1 consultation if you need further help with this or take a live virtual cooking class to learn how to fix culinary errors in real time!

5.) Specific brand suggestions are just that - suggestions. If you can't find that brand at your local grocery store, just find the next best thing.


-Tinkyada Pasta - if you can't find it, use any brown rice pasta you can find

-No Sugar Added Primal Kitchen Ketchup - just use any no sugar added ketchup you can find that contains a handful of identifiable ingredients like this one


This will be a running list so be sure to check back often to see what other additions I have made to the list and comment below with any additions you have!

1.) You will need to wipe out your pan after each cutlet to make the Crispy Japanese Chicken. The gluten free breadcrumbs will burn in the pan and turn your oil bitter if you don't wipe your pan out and add more oil in between batches. So the bigger the skillet, the more cutlets you can do at a time, and the less times you'll have to wipe out your skillet.

2.) The brisket can either be fully submerged with liquid in the crockpot or not. It's up to you how much broth or water you want to use for that.

The internal temp of the brisket should reach 195°F once it's done but the best test is to slice a piece and see if you like the texture of it.

I usually cook it for 8 hours on low in a crockpot then taste for doneness but you can try 4 hours on high and see how it turns out!

Hope this helps you execute the February Meal Plan with clarity!

Let me know if you have any questions and happy cooking!

P.S. I made some edits to 3 recipes from the January Meal Plan based on my husband's feedback. Please see the edits HERE and let me know if you have any other edits I need to add to that list!



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