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Flare Free Spice Blend Recipe

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You may have heard me talk about my "Flare Free Spice Blend" that I often use in many of my recipes and cooking videos.

Today I'm going to be sharing the recipe with you so you can make it for your family at home!

This is a blend of anti-inflammatory dried spices that I use for everything. It's primarily turmeric and garlic powder and I use it as an all-purpose seasoning.

It's great on meat, roasted veggies, in soup, stews, stir fry, etc. It even tastes great on popcorn!!

A little goes a long way and note: turmeric is a natural dye so be careful. It will dye your clothes, wooden spoons, etc. So be careful when cooking with this spice blend.

And relish in the fact that you are nurturing your body with every sprinkle!!




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