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Five Steps to Eating Flare Free

  1. Remove or phase out the inflammatory ingredients from your pantry + fridge.

  2. Replace them with their Flare Free counterparts.

  3. Stop buying junk food, overly processed packaged snacks, sweets and sugary drinks.

  4. Stock up on Flare Free snacks, sweet treats and drinks.

  5. Make a list of your top 10 favorite meals then make them Flare Free!

Want help figuring out which Flare Free Ingredients to eat and which inflammatory ingredients to avoid?

Read this article and visit the "Guides" tab on my Instagram profile to learn all about my favorite anti-inflammatory substitutions for common inflammation promoting ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, bread, pasta, etc.!

Short on time? The quickest and easiest way to start eating Flare Free is to simply cook one of my monthly meal plans!

Curious what makes my meal plans unique?

Monthly Flare Free Meal Plans include:

-Two weeks of quick and easy-to-cook comforting seasonal recipes written and tested by a chef that has been serving these meals to thousands of elite clients for almost a decade

-Two weekly grocery lists with specific brand suggestions for specialty items

-Two Sunday prep lists designed to help you cook once and eat for days

-Meals that include a variety of colorful in-season produce to fight inflammation and nourish your gut microbiome

-Meals that include anti-inflammatory wild caught seafood and pastured organic meat + eggs

-Meals that include a variety of, on average, more than 3 dozen different whole food ingredients (according to Dr. Axe, the average American only eats about 14 different foods over the course of a year)

-Tips for how to make each dish vegan if you're plant based

-A printable 2 week menu to hang on your fridge to keep you organized

Want to learn more about how to get your hands on a meal plan?

Click here!

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