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Do You Want Your Kids to Develop Autoimmunity Like You Did?

If you'd do anything to prevent your kids from going through what you've gone through with autoimmunity, try these 5 tips:

1.) Don't feed them what you grew up eating.

Overly processed packaged foods with tons of ingredients you can't pronounce and tons of sugar and salt need to be phased out and replaced.

2.) Get your kids involved in handling the groceries.

Let them pick out items on Instacart or take them with you to the grocery store.

Science shows kids as young at 6 months old can identify cereal brands.

So the sooner you can involve them in the shopping process - even if it's just them helping you put the groceries away or picking out their own snacks, the more they'll start to identify Flare Free ingredients and shop for those ingredients as adults.

3.) Feed your kids real food.

Single ingredient, minimally processed foods like high quality protein, fruits, vegetables, gluten free grains, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, etc.

4.) Teach them to cook.

5.) Let them have autonomy in the kitchen.

Even if they make a mess, burn the food, and take forever to get something on the table.

The last two mornings my daughter made us breakfast on her own and yesterday I let her order groceries on Instacart and I was genuinely impressed with her order.

I had to delete about $100 worth of snacks and sweets but in the end, we were left with a well-rounded grocery cart!

It took years of practice to get to this point but my heart is full knowing that as she grows into an adult, she'll have a great foundation of healthy eating and cooking habits that may even prevent her from developing autoimmunity.



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