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4 Non-Toxic Cookware Options to Lower Your Toxic Burden + Manage Autoimmunity

Toxin exposure has been shown to contribute to the rapid rise in autoimmunity in the United States according to the National Institutes of Health.

So this month in the Flare Free Cooking Academy, we are talking all about toxins and their role in the onset and management of autoimmunity. We had Nurse Practitioner Margaret Romero join us on the first Friday of the month to share her expertise with us on the matter. Members, please message me if you missed it and want the link to the replay!

"Environmental exposures, like some pesticides or metals, may reduce the function and effectiveness of the immune system. In turn, this may increase susceptibility to infection, reduce response to vaccinations, and trigger autoimmune responses in which the body wrongly attacks its own healthy tissue." Autoimmune Disease and Immunotoxicology (

"Numerous mechanisms have been identified that can cause immune dysregulation and autoimmune reactivity from toxic chemical exposure to subsets of individuals who have genetic susceptibility in immune regulatory genes." Exposure to Environmental Toxins and Autoimmune Conditions - PubMed (

Changing my diet and lessening my exposure to toxins by switching to non-toxic cookware, body products and cleaning products were the first steps I took towards managing the symptoms of my Rheumatoid Arthritis because they were things I could control and things I could change relatively quickly and affordably.

According to Lara Adler, Environmental Toxins Expert and Educator, "When it comes to toxic exposures, what you do every day matters FAR more than what you do every once in a while. The effects of environmental toxins are, for the most part, very much cumulative; a small exposure here, or there is something our body can deal with. But many small exposures every day, over and over, for years and years - this is where we tend to see the most harm." Lara Adler (@environmentaltoxinsnerd) • Instagram photos and videos

Want to lessen your exposure to harmful toxins so you can lower your toxic burden and start to manage the symptoms of your autoimmune condition and improve the quality of your life?

Switch to non-toxic cookware!


  1. Triple Bonded Stainless Steel - cooks evenly, holds heat, durable, nothing you can't cook on it, oven safe

  2. Cast Iron - cooks evenly, holds heat, durable, oven + campfire safe

  3. Enameled Cast Iron - cooks evenly, holds heat, nothing you can't cook on it, oven safe, dishwasher safe

  4. Ceramic - easy to clean and mimics the use of non-stick

Want to know my favorite brand suggestions and learn how to cook on and care for these pans?!

Check out my virtual cooking class happening this Thursday where we'll go into depth on how to purchase, use, clean and store all of these options and discuss the pros and cons of certain brands!

Think your Teflon-free non-stick pans are safe? Research shows the new Teflon-free chemicals used in non-stick products aren't any safer.

And autoimmunity isn't the only condition to worry about. "Exposure to PFCs [the new Teflon-free chemicals companies use in their non-stick products] has been associated with kidney and testicular cancer, high cholesterol, abnormal thyroid hormone levels, pregnancy-induced hypertension and preeclampsia, obesity and low birth weight. The Toxic Truth About A New Generation of Nonstick and Waterproof Chemicals | Environmental Working Group

Need help ditching your non-stick?!

Join me in class on Thursday so you can see how easy it is to cook eggs, steak, seafood, veggies, etc. on all four of these cookware options without food sticking to the pans so that you can clean them in seconds! Class is FREE for VIP + Pro Members of the Flare Free Cooking Academy.

Simply log in to your account using the email and password you signed up for the FFCA with on my website and your 100% discount will be automatically applied!

Let's heal together.

It's time.




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